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Title: 2021/8/31 17:51:13
Do you have any gluten-free entrées with shrimp?

Title: 2021/8/18 22:53:09
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Title: 2021/6/6 18:18:20
My name is George VAughan. I just picked up order #58. We asked for vegetarian versions of three dishes. The Taiwan Noodles have what looks like shrimp and chicken. WHY? All three dishes clearly had the request in their special instructions.

Title: 2021/1/9 15:09:15
Hi, received the delivery this evening but did not get the fried rice with the chicken and green beans. No white rice with it either. Food was very good otherwise. Thanks, Lois

Title: 2021/1/20 16:43:53
Hi. Is it possible to get vegetarian food that is gluten free (no gluten)?

Title: 2020/9/26 4:55:45
Hello, I have great news but you must keep this a secret until October 17—you made it into the Best of the Best Top 5 for Best Chinese Restaurant! Please contact me so I can send you the details. Thanks, Talia Talia Valencia Multimedia Marketing Consultant The Frederick News-Post Loudoun Times-Mirror (240) 215-8588 351 Ballenger Center Drive Frederick, MD 21703

Title: 2020/9/22 13:56:02
Hello - do you have a gluten free menu? Are you able to make gluten free pork fried rice?

Title: 2020/7/16 9:48:34
We just now picked up our food -- including 2 dinner entrees-- and specified white rice but there was NO rice included for either.

Title: 2020/7/16 9:44:10
We just picked up our food -- including 2 large dinner entrees -- and we specified white rice but NEITHER entree had rice.

Title: 2020/5/4 18:23:29
I work in the respiratory department at frederick health hospital and would like to put together dinners for my department. I would like to order on 5/4/2020 and then possibly later in the week or next week. Do you deliver? Thanks Tera

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